Spring Break is Here!

Spring Break is Here!

Happy Spring Break Everyone! Parents and kids all over the USA are ready to take a break. They are packing their bags for: a local trip, international trip or maybe having a staycation. Whichever one you choose make sure to include some self care, family time, good food, good drinks, new surroundings and make some memories!

After all the hustling we do on a daily basis, it is a much needed time for a break. It's time for self care as parents, bonding time with our kids and some quality time with family or friends.

My self care this Spring Break is to to finally read a book, go for long walks, eat at amazing, new restaurants, chatting with my kids, chatting with locals and taking in our new surroundings.

Some family bonding time is also great during Spring Break. On our site we have a few ideas of what do if you are stuck such as hiking, biking, going to the beach, cooking with our kids, or painting. One of my all time favorites is having picnics! 

Our family is heading out of town next week to take on some new adventures after many years of local travel. Check back next week to hear about where we went!

Happy Holi and Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates! These spring festivities bring family and friends together. 



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