Painting Rocks

Spring is here and we love it!

Spring is in the air! The purple/white magnolias are in full bloom in California. I love this time of year. The air is fresh, crisp and everything is starting to sprout. The daylight savings has sprung forward and kids are excited to have more daylight to play outside later into the night.

This month I decided to start a new product line for those customers looking for something fun and easy. I have created some pre-made boxes that are ready for shipping. With all of our lives getting busy with working long days and the kids sports in the evenings, I created these fun boxes that we can grab as a small gift to make our kids smile and also give us a quick activity that we can share together. The activities I have picked are quick and easy and memorable. At the fun cart, we believe that is so easy to connect with those that we love and to make a lifetime of memories. So give it a try or reach out and I'm happy to make something special for you. 



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