Here’s what our friends and family have had to say about THE FUN CART! Join in on some FUN today!

  • "Super cool night-the costume contest added an extra dimension of fun to an already awesome party."
  • "I think the costume contest was a great idea, it can make people be more creative with their costumes and actually make the effort to think about it and plan it out. I also liked the prizes, they were fun."
  • "Activity was interactive and got many involved, props were creative, event was well organized and fun was had by all."
  • "I was super excited to get a FUNKO POP advent calendar! I always wanted one."
  • "The Diwali decorations were so nice. You went all out this Diwali!"
  • "Is that our Cal flag and setup? That's awesome!"
  • "I want some of those GOLD AND BLUE beaded necklaces!"
  • "I want a drink in one of those fun skeleton hand glasses!" 
  • "Oh, I love the props! Which one should I use?"
  • "I recently attended a Halloween party where THE FUN CART provided an incredibly fun experience. Although I didn't come in costume, the props table they offered became a game-changer. I transformed my look and joined the festive spirit. I highly recommend them for any event!"